Doro 8369 Smart Watch | Black/Green

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• EASY INTERFACE: A visually stunning interface, focusing on one icon at a time, on a clear, bright and high contrast 1.28” display. Enter the menu using the top button and then swipe left or right to navigate the different icons and activities. The face and display has been specifically designed to be easier to read with sharp text and large icons.

• ACTIVITY TRACKER: Track your steps each day or log an activity such as running or cycling for clarity of your fitness goals and movements. You can keep a quick eye on your heart rate or blood oxygen levels at all times.

• DORO COMPANION APP: Use the Doro Companion app on your smartphone (it will work with any smartphone, Android version 10 and above or iOS) to track your activities and exercise, steps and distance travelled in more detail as well as your night’s sleep and heart rate across the day.

• NOTIFICATIONS: Set it up to get incoming call and message notifications, as well as alarms and calendar entries, directly on your watch. Note! It won’t be possible to answer calls directly from the Doro Watch.

• WATER RESISTANT: The Doro Watch can be worn all day, every day! It is IP68 rated meaning it is protected against dust and water, up to an hour at 1,5 metres. No more remembering to remove your watch to wash up or paddleboard!

•BATTERY: Charging your Doro Watch is a breeze, simply dock it in the charging cradle to top up the 300mAh battery. Fully charged in less than 2 hours, it will see your battery give you one week’s usage.

• CONNECTION WITH DORO SMARTPHONE: When connected with a Doro smartphone (android 10 and later), the watch can be easily connected to the Response by Doro app and can trigger alerts to family or friends should you need help quickly. The watch connects simply by Bluetooth and when pressed it will trigger the assistance button on your Doro smartphone remotely.


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Doro 8369 Smart Watch

Stay active and feel more secure with an elegant smartwatch that provides both motivation and peace of mind throughout every step of your active life. The Doro Watch is specially designed to be easier to read, all thanks to large icons and text shown one by one on a big, bright and sharp display. Simply swipe the display to access the functions you want – from checking the time and notifications to activity tracking and health monitoring.

Get even more out of your watch with our health and activity app. Or why not pair it with a Doro smartphone (Android 10.0 and later) to use the watch's assistance button to alert relatives if you should ever need help? In addition, the Doro Watch has an exceptional battery life of one full week and comes with an easy-to-connect charging cradle. It also has guided instructions for quick and easy set-up. So say hello to a new, stylish companion to keep you looking and feeling your best.


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