UNO Flip! Game

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  • Contents: 112 cards and 1 manual
  • Suitable for 2-10 players
  • Playing time: approx. 10 minutes
  • Deck printed on both sides
  • Special FLIP card
  • UNO FLIP! literally has a dark side
  • Stricter penalties bring a breath of fresh air to the traditional game!
  • Once you start, you never stop!
  • Flip the deck, change the game!


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Gadget Man Ireland

UNO Flip! Game

The cool card game UNO FLIP is very special! The cards are printed on both sides, which ensures even more fun. There is also a special FLIP card, which provides a breath of fresh air. In turn, the players put their cards on the stack and the goal is to discard them all as quickly as possible. Action cards like Draw 5 or Unlock all bring new fun to the game.

UNO Flip, also known as UNO Flip! or UNO Flip Extreme, introduces a unique twist to the traditional UNO gameplay. The most distinctive feature of UNO Flip is the double-sided deck of cards. One side of the cards is similar to the standard UNO deck, while the other side is the "dark side," featuring more challenging action cards and penalties.

Key features of UNO Flip:

  1. Double-sided Cards: Each card in the deck has two sides, with the dark side containing special action cards and penalties.

  2. Light and Dark Side: Players must flip the cards to the dark side when prompted by certain actions or penalties. This adds an extra layer of strategy and unpredictability to the game.

  3. New Action Cards: The dark side introduces new action cards with unique effects, providing additional challenges for players.

  4. Penalty Stacks: When a player is unable to play a card, they must draw from the draw pile. If the drawn card cannot be played, it is added to a penalty stack. The penalty stack must be drawn by the next player, potentially leading to a large number of cards to draw.

  5. Scoring: Scoring may differ from traditional UNO, with points assigned based on the value of the remaining cards in players' hands.


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