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Novelty Gifts

Gadget Man Ireland Novelty Gifts and Gadgets

At Gadget Man Ireland, we don't just stock Gadgets, phones and drones, we also stock a wide range of novelty gifts and toys. We stock items such as Novelty stress boobs, willies and bums, we stock Novelty mugs, pens and plaques for office desks and much more such as shockers, squishies and fartbombs. 

Some of our Novelty Gifts available in store and online.

Offensive Office Pens

These pens are so offensive you can't keep the laughter inside, great for joking around with staff and colleagues. Grab your pens now at Gadget Man. "I can't fuc*ing spell"

Fart Blaster

Embarrass friends and family alike every time you catch the whiff of an unpleasant aroma. Fight back and grab the little red alarm and send a piercing sound wave in their general direction. Eleven outrageous comments at the press of the nozzle.

Old Fart Mug

The ceramic Old Fart Mug with its badge of honor clearly advertising the state of mind of the user!!!! makes a great present.
Everyone knows at least one Old Fart and indeed many old farts carry their badge with honour being very proud of their rite of passage of having reached a certain age where they can say what they think and not give a sh*t!!!!

Stress Boob

Squeeze away your problems with the lovely Large Squeeze Boob. Designed to relieve stress. Perfect gift or present for your Uncle, Nephew, Brother, Boyfriend, Husband or Teenager. 

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