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NOA Mobile

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NOA is a Croatian mobile phone manufacturer with a strong presence in the SE European region, and a tendency of growth and expansion into the rest of Europe.

NOA strives to be the leader in the B smartphone market segment following affordable premium philosophy, and has made great inroads in this field during the last five years. NOA H10le (2017) and NOA N10 (2018) smartphones have received the EISA – Best Buy smartphone award, confirming the quality and value of the NOA brand.

Gadget Man supports NOA and we love their brand so we stock a wide range of their mobiles including tablets, smartphones and button phones. We also stock a range of their top quality accessories for your new phone.

Get your brand new NOA smartphone/button phone here at Gadget Man and receive a 1/2 year warranty.



Move our brand from the cusp of global penetration with brand agility and customer care, to being a brand that achieves leadership in the B brand segment and gives the best feature/price ratio for our customers.


We are here to stay, and we are here for you.

What we do

Our goal is to make the latest advances in mobile technology available to the widest possible audience. Our devices are created to fit the need of consumers who want to receive the greatest value for their money, and who know where to get it.

Gadget Man Ireland - NOA Mobile Brand New with 2 Year Warranty
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