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Star Wars

Official Star Wars Merchandise Gift and Gadget at Gadget Man Ireland

Love Star Wars - Find the Perfect Star Wars Merchandise Gift Today

We offer a wide range of Official Star Wars merchandise now available at Gadget Man Ireland. Gifts for him, for her and for kids all available under the one roof. Shop Gadget man today.

We have a selection of Star Wars Official Merchandise which will appeal to all age. For fans of all ages we have amazing laptop and smartphone stickers which can be applied to a variety of devices to enhance there star wars apperance.These cool Gadget Decals are Fully waterproof and removable making these an idead star wars gift.

Its a fact that everyone owns keys !!! We do stand to be corrected on this fact. But untill then let us introduce our range of Star Wars key rings. We have a key ring bottle opener that is in the shape of the Millennium Falcon. We alos have another Star Wars keyring that in the design of R2-D2. This gadget is quite neat, it takes a small watch  battery and can be used as a torch. This Star Wars device also has sound and has authentic charcter voices. 

Drifting away from Star Wars keyrings we have our mug and tarvel mug collection. We have a range of travel mugs that are standard mugs with designs such as Captain Phasma and More. We also have a Kylo Ren Heat Changing mug. Watch as the lightsaber appears in a solid red colour as the mug heats up. The lightsaber then disappears when it cools down.

For those long cold night or days in work Gadget Man Ireland has all you Star Wars Fans Covered with our neat little Storm Trooper Hand Warmers. To activate simply give one of the discs inside. These hand warmers can get up to 52 Degrees. Perfect for warming up pockets when going shopping or while in work. The Star Wars Stormtrooper hand warmers are gell filled and reusable.

Finally no bedroom is complete without the amazing Star Wars Battle Light. Simply Plug in and watch the current move the battle ships around in a dark red glow. The ideal gift for that Star Wars lover.

Gadget Man also stocks a wide range of smartphones, gifts and gadgets for all the family. Check out our gifts section. stocking gifts for him, for her and for kids. Gadgets fot all the family to enjoy. Need a smartphone ? Look no further. check out our latest range of smartphones which come unlocked at great prices. Gadget Man has something for everyone.

Gadget Man Ireland- Official Star Wars Merchandise Gifts and Gadgets
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