Doro PhoneEasy® 100w - DECT Cordless Phone with Amplified Sound and Big Buttons White

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• 10 caller-ID memories

• Visual ring indicator

• Speakerphone

• Out-of-range warning

• 2 one-touch memories

• 9 two-touch memories

• Clock • GAP compatibility


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Doro PhoneEasy® 100w

DECT Cordless Phone with Amplified Sound and Big Buttons


Whether you're looking for a home phone for your Mum and Dad or for yourself, the Doro PhoneEasy 100W cordless telephone has many attractive features that might be suited to the needs of your parents as well as your own. With a smart and compact design, you can place it wherever you prefer in your home

• BIG BUTTONS AND EASY-TO-READ DISPLAY: The Doro PhoneEasy 100w features large and widely spaced buttons as well as a bright and backlit 23x38 mm display with easy-to-read characters which are perfect for visually impaired users.

USAGE: Connect the line cord to a telephone wall socket and to the socket on the base unit. Then connect the mains adapter to the wall socket and to the socket on the base. Place the handset in the base. Use the telephone line cord supplied only.

• KEY FEATURES: Doro delivers this telephone with a 10-caller ID memory, a visual ring indicator, speakerphone, out-of-range warning, GAP compatibility and you can list up to 20 contacts. It has a range of up to 300 m and an indoor range of up to 50 m.

• HAC AND AUDIO BOOST FUNCTION: The handset has a built-in hearing loop for those who use their hearing aids. The Audio Boost button will allow you to get a louder sound up to +10dB. Max receiving amplification: 30dB. Max ringer volume (at 1 m): 90dB.

• FREEDOM TO MOVE AROUND: o This cordless telephone has an outdoor range of up to 300 m and an indoor range of up to 50 m. The telephone’s range depends on whether or not the radio waves carrying the call are restricted by obstacles, such as walls, in their path. o Talk hands-free thanks to the speakerphone mode. o With the Doro PhoneEasy 100W home phone you can talk for up to 10 hours on a full charge or have it on standby for up to 100 hours. When the batteries are running low, the battery LED will flash and a warning tone will be heard whilst a call is in progress.

• BATTERY: This phone comes with a cradle and 2xAAA NiMH rechargeable batteries to be inserted in the handset. Insert it in the cradle and the batteries will be charged automatically. Power cable length is 2 m. Talk time: 10 hrs. Standby time: 100 hr

Box contains: • Handset • Base Unit • Telephone Line Cord • Power Cable • 2 x AAA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries


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