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Cobra Paw

Cobra Paw

The Cobra Paw is an ancient tournament of speed and mental fortitude where combatants gather in an area to test each other's spirit, skill and courage in honor of the Grand Shidoshi, Master Meow!

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Gadget Man Ireland

Cobra Paw

Do you have the skills to rival the master?

  • Respect your opponent, honor your teacher
  • Clear your mind and roll the dice
  • Spot the matching pattern on the stones
  • Snatch the stone faster than your opponent
  • Reflect on your performance
  • Calm your spirit

Ninjas must snatch 6 clawfuku stones to claim victory

Play time: 5-15m

Ages: 6+ (42+ in cat years)


Includes 21 Clawful stones, 2 Catnippon dice & instructions meow, of course!