Flexible Arm Smartphone Holder

Flexible Lazy Arm Smartphone Holder

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Long Arm Universal Smartphone Holder.

Flexible Extendable Bracket!

Ideal for mounting to Beds, Desks etc



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Universal flexible Lazy Arm Smartphone Holder at Gadget Man Ireland

The Universal Lazy Arm Smartphone holder is suitable for all Smartphone devices  The clamp is fully adjustable and the Smartphone holder rotates 360 degree. The pipe structure has been strengthened to withstand the perlonged weight of the Smartphone allowing it to be clamped to any flat table top or desk surface.

What Can I Use A flexible Lazy Arm Smartphone Holder For?

The possibilitis for its use are endless. This device has a range of applications. It could be used at work in the office, while at a meeting or when conducting a presentation. By simply attatching the device to your desk it can be adjusted to the height that you need, stretched out from the desk and also rotated to pair with your line of sight.

Not looking to use the Lazy Arm Smartphone Holder at the office. Well try it out at home. The Flexible Lazy Arm Holder is a greeat companion at home for even the simplest of tasks. One such task is while cooking. Simple attatch the Lazy Arm Holder to the work top surface and use your smartphone device to either follow recipes or just use it to watch video content and catch up on your current series while cooking.

You dont have to just use the Lazy Arm Smartphone Holder in the Kitchen, You can also clamp it on to a table or backboard of your bed while studying, watching films, browsing the web or while editing your photos for Instagram..... your options are endless.

Is the flexible Lazy Arm Smartphone Holder Easy to Setup?

It couldnt be easier. Each end of the pipe had two jaws. Simple clip the bottom onto a surface such as a table or bedboard and clip your smartphone into the holder at the opposite end. The pipe can be adjusted in direction by simply twisting it in the direction that you want it to go and it will stay in place. 

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