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LED Strip Light

LED Strip Light

  • They’re LED lights… on a self-adhesive strip!
  • LEDs are multi-coloured and multi-function
  • Choose from 16 colours and set to flash, fade, pulse, or stay static
  • Powered by USB (cables included)
  • Perfect for adding a bit of flash to a dreary room
  • Includes 4 x 50 cm strips

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€ 17.00

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Gadget Man

LED Strip Light

So, you’ve come to realise that your kitchen is as dull as the personality of a conversation-killer. Ditto with your living room. And your computer corner. Basically, your house needs excitement more than an accountant at the end of an 18-hour work day. And, we have just the thing: these LED strip lights!

Imagine the Vegas strip shrunk down and rolled up. That’s what these strip lights are. The roll is full of coloured LEDs, which can either display a solid colour or pulse between colours. And, these strip lights come with a remote control, which you can use the change the colour, intensity, and mode of the lights.

In the box you get 4 x 50 cm strips, all with self-adhesive backing. Stick them under your kitchen counter, behind your telly, or around the back of your computer monitor for some dazzling décor… or some awesome ambiance, whichever you prefer!

So, to make your home brighter and more exciting than the ending of a Pixar movie, order your LED Strip Lights today!