KSIX Smartphone Necklace

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Keep your mobile device close and secure with this stylish pendant. Includes a convenient cardholder for easy access to essentials.


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KSIX Smartphone Necklace

This sleek and practical accessory allows you to keep your mobile device within reach at all times. The pendant features a cardholder, ensuring easy access to your essential cards.

Here are the key features of the Ksix Mobile Pendant:

  1. Mobile Device Holder: The pendant features a secure holder that keeps your mobile device within easy reach. It allows you to hang your phone around your neck or attach it to a bag or belt loop for quick and convenient access.

  2. Cord Design: The pendant comes with a durable cord that is adjustable in length, allowing you to customize it according to your preferred hanging position or desired length.

  3. Cardholder: This accessory includes a built-in cardholder, providing a convenient storage option for your essential cards, such as ID cards, credit cards, or public transport cards. It ensures easy access to your cards while on the go.

  4. Stylish Design: The Ksix Mobile Pendant features a sleek and stylish design, adding a touch of fashion to your mobile device. It is available in different colors and materials to match your personal style and preferences.

  5. Secure Attachment: The pendant is designed to securely hold your mobile device, providing a reliable and stable attachment. It ensures that your phone stays in place even during active movements or when walking or running.

  6. Universal Compatibility: The Ksix Mobile Pendant is compatible with a wide range of mobile devices, including smartphones of various sizes and brands. It offers a versatile solution for keeping your phone close regardless of the device you own.

  7. Lightweight and Portable: The pendant is lightweight and easy to carry, making it a practical accessory for everyday use. You can wear it comfortably without feeling any unnecessary bulk or weight.


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