How to F*cking Swear in Sign Language

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  • There's more to rude sign language than merely flipping the bird
  • Learn one hundred new and insulting hand gestures
  • Each one features simple illustrated instructions
  • You'll be signing 'Eat a Dick' and 'Shit for Brains' in no time
  • Impress and disgust all of your deaf friends


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Gadget Man Ireland

How to F*cking Swear in Sign Language

In the immortal words of Ronan Keating – "You say it best, when you say nothing at all"

We've all flipped the bird or a cheeky V, and most of the time that's all the situation requires – a mad moment of road rage, a useless co-worker leaving the room etc.

But if you yearn to expand your gesticular vocabulary, you need to get your hands on How To F*cking Swear In Sign Language.

This handy set of cue cards introduces 100 vulgar hand gestures; each one comes with simple illustrated instructions so you'll be signing Shit for Brains, Eat a Dick, Fuck Face and Cock-topus in no time.


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