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Gadget Man Ireland

Fidget Pad Fidget Toy

Combine your love of gaming and fidgeting with this super awesome game controller fidget pad. With nine functions the joystick works like a real game controller joystick, four buttons on the front (two make clicking noises two are quite), two roller buttons on the bottom and 1 switch like button and one slider with spring back. A great fidget for people who love to play video games and want a portable, small game console controller fidget on the go.

Fidgeting is the act of moving about restlessly. Fidgeting may be a result of nervousness, agitation, boredom or a combination of these. It may be a result of genes and is often an unconscious act. Fidgeting may involve playing with one's fingers, hair, or items of clothing. A common act of fidgeting is to bounce one's leg repeatedly.


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