LED Disco Light

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  • An adjustable, programmable, colourful disco light.
  • Disco will never die.
  • 120 degree light spectrum so only a couple of shadows, but not many.
  • Great for people who throw parties regularly, and for people who always say they want to entertain but never do (you know who you are).


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LED Disco Light

We all know that if you’re going to put on a good show, you need everything to work perfectly – if there’s horrible lighting but incredible sound, people won’t have a good time. The same thing happens if you have an LED Disco Light but with no sound. The two together make an amazing party instead of people just dancing in the dark.

With seven colour options, a broad spectrum to illuminate and adjustable settings, this disco light is a cheap, efficient way to turn that boring old party into a funky party. Honestly! Who taught you that overhead fluorescent lighting is good for having a fun, sexy time? Shame on you.

Use it in get-togethers to light up the dance floor, at your office Christmas party to show that you’re not all boring or even in your bedroom to spice things up between you and your partner (throw on some Abba while you’re at it). Order your LED Disco Light today and show off your moves!


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