How to F**king Swear Around the World

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Manners cost nothing but being a rude motherf*cker also costs nothing, what’s a tourist to do?!

This deck of cards will teach you how to swear around the world, from telling a Welshman to go finger his grandmother, to instructing a Croatian to ‘f*ck their goat father’. You’ll never be unaware that an Indian wants you to know that a dog is gonna f*ck your mother again. Goodness gracious, this is all very oedipal…

If you’re hit with any of those cutting retorts on your travels, just tell them ‘msun wakho ophuma umdoko’ and pray they don’t speak Zulu.*


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Gadget Man Ireland

How to F**king Swear Around the World

    • Politeness never got anybody anywhere
    • What kind of tosser can only swear in one language?!
    • Learn how to upset anyone anywhere instantly!
    • From the classic, ‘klootzak’ meaning asshole in Dutch
    • ...To the obscure, like ‘haraet’ which means ‘female shitter’ in Tigrinya


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