Arm Chair Caddy

Arm Chair Caddy

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  • 5 Built in compartments
  • Designed to hold cups, phones, remotes, books/newspaper and anything you want really
  • Fits on a variety of sofas and armchairs


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Arm Chair Caddy Organizer

So you've made yourself a nice cup of tea and have finally gotten comfy on the sofa after a long day, then you go to get your cup of tea and the table is too far away! Lounging around can be such a pain sometimes, all you want is a nice flat surface on the armchair to put your drink and other useful stuff on instead of your phone and remote controls getting wedged in the sofa. But worry no more all of your relaxing nightmares can be solved with the amazing Armchair Caddy!

The Arm Chair Caddy makes the perfect addition to any sofa and will make your life so much easier. It is designed to fit on a wide variety of sofas and armchairs, making it the only furniture accessory you'll ever need. The Caddy has a flat surface on top that is perfect for holding cups, phones, and anything you want it to. The wall that's around it also makes it ideal for keeping everything in one place. It also has two handy side pouches, perfect for holding books, magazines, remotes and so much more!

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