Trial by Trolley

Trial by Trolley

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GENRE: Strategy/Deduction
3-13 Players


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Gadget Man Ireland

Trial by Trolley

A Party game of moral dilemmas and trolley murder

Trial by Trolley is a multiplayer game in which one player plays the conductor on a runaway train intent on killing anything in its path. Every player aside from the conductor must play cards and argue to the conductor and convince him to spare their lives and condemn everyone else to a gruesome death by trolley.

How To Play

Step 1: Choose one of your friends to be the conductor. The rest of you break into two teams.

Step 2: Each track gets a random “innocent” card to start them off

Step 3: Each team plays another “innocent” card on their track. I sure wouldn’t want to hit either of those.

Step 4: Each team sabotages the other track with a “guilty” card. Oh, those are bad!

Step 5: Then each player plays modifier cards onto any character on either track to help sway the conductor to their side.

Step 6: Everyone argues for their lives, and the conductor decides which track to murder!


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