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Trunk of Dunk

Trunk of Dunk

Includes Everything You Need To Play The 8 Greatest Drinking Games... EVER!

Including Beer Pong, Kings and Never Have I Ever!

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Gadget Man Ireland

Trunk of Drunk

At Gadget Man Ireland we have a wide range of games. From board games to drinking games, we have something for everybody. Be sure to stop by in store at John Roberts Square or Lisduggan Shopping Centre.

Beer Pong - Get balls deep in fun with this boozy classic!

I Have Never - Find out how filthy your friends really are.

Ring of Fire (aka Kings Cup) - If drunk is the aim, then this is the game.

Screw the Dealer - Fast-paced guessing game with a boozy finale.

21's - It's easy to count to 21 right?.. Wrong.

Flip Cup - Beautifully simple, outrageously fun.

Most Likely - Get your claws out for this naughty nomination game.

Arrogance - This game will showq who has balls of steel.