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LOL Surprise Monopoly

LOL Surprise Monopoly

  • Includes gameboard, money, tokens, surprise! cards, dice, stars and emojis
  • Inspired by L.O.L SURPRISE! Dolls
  • The more dolls shown on the gameboard that a player has earned, the more rent they can collect

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€ 28.00

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Gadget Man Ireland

LOL Surprise Monopoly

At Gadget Man Ireland we stock a wide range of games. We are delighted to now stock the amazing LOL Surprise Monopoly game. The Favourite Monopoly games meets the super-cute L.O.L Surprise! In this twist on the family favourite, instead of locations and properties, game players buy,sell and swap other players' Dolls shown on the gameboard, aiming to collect the rare ones. Surprise! cards replace Chance cards, Stars and Emojis replace houses and hotels and the tokens are authentic L.O.L Surprise! Doll Accessories.

What a great gift idea for L.O.L Surprise! Fans. Get yours now in store and online