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Aim High Heat Change Mug

Aim High Heat Change Mug

  • It’s a color changing mug. Wild.
  • Mugs…are just…cups with handles, man.
  • It’s like the image predicts when you want a cup of tea and shows up at the EXACT SAME TIME.
  • An excellent gift for anyone named Mary or Jane, or anyone who knows these girls.

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€ 10.00

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Gadget Man Ireland

Aim High Heat Change Mug

At Gadget Man Ireland we have a wide range of Mugs from Novelty Mugs, Joke Mugs and a lot more in store and online. Have your dreams gone up in smoke? Motivate yourself daily with this Marijuana Mug (Aim High Mug) that urges you, via heat color changing technology, to…aim…well, high.

Weed out the bad mugs in your life by embracing the good ones – ones that are completely black until you add your favourite toasty beverage to it and then watch the good message appear. Cool technology, hey? Thank god we’re not in the stoned age anymore.

People are getting less paranoid about herbal life so show that you have high expectations for yourself and those around you when you make your tea during the afternoon slump at 4:20pm.

We hate to be blunt but you should just buy this Marijuana Mug (Aim High Mug) now. Like right now. Buy ten of them – you’re a high-roller and you know it. With this product, you’ve hit the jackpot.