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Hair Spray

Hair Spray

  • Colored hair spray comes in a 85ml can.
  • Ideal for a Halloween party, fancy dress party, sports party or St. Patrick's Day party
  • Easy-to-use hair spray washes out with regular shampoo

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Gadget Man Ireland
Hair Spray

At Gadget Man Ireland we have a wide range of pocket money gifts in store and online. Let your hair color reflect your mood with our Temporary Hair Color. Party World's fun Colored Hair Spray means your spontaneous side gets to shine more often. Use our Hair spray to create fun highlights through your tresses, or go for a cool all over color. Our Color Hair Spray is available in a variety of colors and s easy to spray on and wash out.

Directions For Use:

Store and use at room temperature. Shake well. Holing the can upright, spray short bursts from a distance of 20cm avoiding face and eyes. Protect clothing and synthetics materials from over spray. Do not use bleached, dyed or permed hair. People with fair or light hair proceed with caution and test small area before use. Not suitable for children with fair hair as may cause staining.