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Steepletone Camden Record Player with Bluetooth

Steepletone Camden Record Player with Bluetooth

The Camden has 2 X 15W P.M.P.O speakers giving a quality and clear big sound- so you can turn up the volume of your favorite records.

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€ 160.00

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Gadget Man Ireland 

Steepletone Camden Record Player with Bluetooth

With added Bluetooth you can play music thought you phone tablet etc. thought the speakers, and if that’s not enough there is a LINE IN on the back- so connect it to your HiFi system if you wish! Its also fitted with a quality weighted tone arm, allowing you to control the weight on your records to you personal taste! The Camden also fitted with our unique Flip over Stylus- giving you the ability to play 45/33 as standard but also giving you an all-important Dimond tip for your 78s!!!

With dded a ProDeck with strobe to ensure it ever loses speed-playing your record perfect ever time.

With a beautiful teak wood finish the Camden looks modern, stylish and fresh. Who wouldn’t want one?!