Candy Posing Pouch

Candy Posing Pouch

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  • From the creatures of the Candy G-String comes the Candy Posing Pouch for him
  • Lip-smacking elasticized candy pouch made from the same candy we wore as necklaces as kids
  • Something to sweetn` up the night any day of the week, but be careful if your partner is hungry
  • Candy pouch will look irresistible on his manhood
  • He will love you nibbling the pouch off one candy at a time


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Gadget Man Ireland
Candy Posing Pouch

At Gadget Man Ireland we have a wide range of novelty gifts in store and online. The Candy Posing Pouch is a great gift for your boyfriend or husband to wear to spice up the night ahead. In a nutshell the Candy Pouch is an edible pair of pants. It only gets sweeter with every lick, every bite....Good to the last nibble we say. This edible Posing Pouch is perfect for getting your favourite kind of trouble started.

Just like the candy necklace we loved as kids, now grown up to an adult version! Made of an assortment of flavoured candy necklace beads, it will keep someone nibbling all night long. This sweet Candy Posing Pouch has an elastic fitting and is in one size. The Candy Posing Pouch offers approximately 330 fruit flavoured candy beads. Lets face it laying on the sugar is essential to making sweet love and the Candy Pouch is the secret ingrediant to a naughty but saucy night in. With a user friendly one size fits all design just skip the main meal and go straight for dessert sweet as.


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