Trust Rava Gaming Mouse

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  • Speed ​​selection button (600-2000 DPI)
  • Multi-color LED cycle
  • Rubber surface for better grip
  • Stranded cable, 1.7 m


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Gadget Man Ireland
Trust Rava Gaming Mouse

At Gadget Man Ireland we have a wide range of Gaming Accessories in store and online. The Trust Rava Gaming Mouse is a great mouse for all types of Gamer's but its much preferred by the smaller Gamer's. This mouse's dpi goes from (600-2000 dpi) and also had a braided cable to stop damage to the cable over time. This has a cool feature that allows the mouse to cycle through some different LED colors. This mouse also had a rubberized grip to enhance the comfort and control of the mouse. This mouse lets you handle any situation. The optical sensor of the GXT 108 provides you with more than enough precision for sharp in-game shooting.

Top features:

  • Multi LED color cycle shifts between colors as you play.
  • Speed select button lets you shift sensitivity on the fly
  • Rubber top layer prevents the mouse from slipping out of your hand
  • 1.7 m braided cable provides extra durability

Multi LED color cycle:

When you plug it in, the Trust GXT 108 Rava Optical Gaming Mouse begins cycling through colors. Get straight to playing without faffing around with lighting software.

Speed select button:

You can use the DPI selector button to keep the sensitivity low when you need to carefully line up a shot. Once things get hectic and you need to pull your SMG, switch back up to high sensitivity for a more responsive mouse so that you can tag multiple targets quickly.

Rubber top layer:

Once you're in a high-stress gunfight, you can't afford for your hand to slip. The rubber layer on the Trust GXT 108 Rava keeps it snug against your palm, so you can keep a relaxed grip without losing control.

1.7 m braided cable:

The cable is plenty long enough to plug into the back of your PC, no matter how complex your set-up. It's also braided for extra durability, so it can survive being tugged on without losing connection.


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