Figure 8 Power Aadapter

Figure 8 Power Adapter

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Used for powering a whole range of equipment.

  • C7 figure 8 style plug
  • 220-240V Plug
  • Approx 1m long


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Gadget Man

Figure 8 Power Adapter

The Figure 8 Power Adapter is a versatile and widely used power cable featuring a distinctive figure-eight shape on one end. This adapter is commonly employed for connecting electronic devices such as laptops, printers, game consoles, and other appliances to power outlets. With a compact and straightforward design, the Figure 8 Power Adapter is a practical and easy-to-use accessory, making it a standard choice for various household and office applications. Its compatibility with a range of devices and simple plug-and-play functionality makes it a convenient solution for powering a variety of electronic equipment.


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