Tower T17082 Vortx 4L Manual Air Fryer

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• Extra-large 4L capacity 1400W

• Temperature dial 80-200 degrees

• Timer dial 30 mins

• Manual Controls

• Removable basket for easy cleaning

• Rapid air circulation cooking technology for crispy foods

• Handle button cover for added safety

• Little or no oil required

• Item Dimensions: H320mm x W270mm x D330mm


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Tower T17082 Vortx 4L Manual Air Fryer


Family Mealtimes Made Healthier with Vortx

99% Less Fat:

Enjoy your favorite fried foods with little to no oil, keeping the great taste while losing the fat.

Vortx Technology:

Rapid air circulation cooks 30% faster using 99% less oil, delivering the same delicious fried flavor without the fat.

Food Cooks Faster:

Save time in the kitchen with Vortx Technology, which cooks food quicker than a standard oven. Create perfectly crisp and golden chips in just 15 minutes.

4L Capacity:

Designed for family mealtimes, the large 4-liter capacity allows you to cook more of the food you love.

Cooking Made Simple:

Easily set the cooking time and temperature with dial controls for perfectly cooked results every time.

Easy Cleaning:

The non-stick cooking basket minimizes food residue and can be removed for easy washing with warm soapy water.

Save Up to 50% on Energy:

Cook food 30% faster and use less power than conventional ovens, saving up to 50% on your energy bill by switching to Air Fryer cooking.

3-Year Guarantee:

Enjoy peace of mind with Tower’s trusted quality, featuring a standard 1-year guarantee and an additional 2-year extension upon product registration online.

Say hello to a healthier way to cook your favorite fried foods with Tower’s Vortx Air Fryer. Cook with 99% less fat, letting you enjoy delicious fried chicken and chips guilt-free. Vortx technology ensures evenly cooked, crispy textures without compromising on taste. Plus, its rapid air circulation system cooks food 30% faster than a conventional oven, saving you time. The large 4-liter capacity is perfect for family meals, and the easy-to-use dial controls make setting the time and temperature a breeze. Cleanup is simple with the removable, non-stick cooking basket. Embrace healthier cooking and energy savings with the Tower Vortx Air Fryer.




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