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  Step into a world where icy refreshment meets vibrant flavours, where nostalgia intertwines with a modern twist, and where the sweet symphony of childhood memories dances on your taste buds. Welcome to the realm of Slush Puppie, where the unmistakable allure of frozen delight has captured hearts and taste buds across the globe. Bursting with vibrant colours, irresistible flavours, and a refreshing chill, Slush Puppie products have become an emblem of joy, enchanting both the young and the young at heart. From its humble beginnings to its meteoric rise in popularity, the Slush Puppie phenomenon continues to reign supreme, delivering an icy indulgence that has stood the test of time. Brace yourself for a journey that will transport you back to the carefree days of summer, as we uncover the captivating essence of Slush Puppie and the icy magic it brings to the world.




Slushy Maker


   Experience the thrill of creating your own frosty masterpiece with the Slushy Maker. This ingenious device transforms ordinary beverages into icy, slushy delights in a matter of minutes. Simply pour in your favourite drink, twist the handle, and watch in awe as the magic unfolds. From fruity concoctions to soda sensations, the Slushy Maker lets you unleash your creativity and savour the perfect balance of sweetness and chill.

Slushy Milkshake Machine


  Prepare to elevate your milkshake game to new heights with the Slushy Milkshake Machine. This extraordinary innovation takes the classic milkshake to a whole new level of indulgence. With its powerful blending capabilities, it effortlessly transforms your favourite ice cream and milk into velvety-smooth, slushy goodness. From rich chocolate to dreamy strawberry, each sip is a symphony of flavours that will leave you craving more.

Ice Cream Maker



  Immerse yourself in a world of frozen decadence with the Slush Puppie Ice Cream Maker. This extraordinary device empowers you to whip up luscious, homemade ice cream creations that rival those of the finest gelaterias. With its easy-to-use design and endless flavour possibilities, you can craft your own signature scoops, from creamy vanilla bean to indulgent cookies and cream. Get ready to indulge in a frozen treat that is nothing short of pure bliss.

Slushy Machine


  Unleash the power of the ultimate slushy-making marvel, the Slushy Machine. This beast of a device is engineered to deliver the perfect slushy consistency every time, no matter the occasion. Its sleek design and user-friendly controls make it a must-have for parties, gatherings, and hot summer days. Fill it with your favourite Slush Puppie syrup, press a button, and watch in awe as it churns out a cascade of icy delight, offering an array of flavours that will leave everyone enchanted.




Individual Bottles


  With these four irresistible syrup flavours, Slush Puppie offers a tantalizing range of options to customize your frozen indulgence. From the timeless allure of red cherry and blue raspberry to the refreshing tang of green apple and the familiar embrace of cola, each bottle holds the key to unlocking a world of frozen delight. Choose your flavour, chill your ice, and get ready to experience the magic of Slush Puppie in its purest, syrupy form.

Dual Pack


  Introducing the Slush Puppie Dual Pack, a dynamic duo of flavours that will take your taste buds on a thrilling journey. This irresistible combination features the perfect pairing of the timeless Red Cherry and the bold Blue Raspberry syrups, bringing together the best of both worlds in one convenient package. With the Dual Pack, you can indulge in the classic sweetness of succulent cherries and the tangy excitement of raspberries, creating a symphony of flavours that will leave you craving more. Whether you mix them together for a delightful fusion or enjoy them separately, this duo guarantees a refreshing and delicious slushy experience. Get ready to unleash a burst of vibrant colours and tantalizing tastes with the Slush Puppie Dual Pack.

Four Pack


  This extraordinary set features four tantalizing flavours that will elevate your slushy experience to new heights. Immerse yourself in the vibrant blue raspberry, where tartness meets sweetness in a harmonious blend. Dive into the lusciousness of strawberries, a burst of fruity goodness that is only available in this exclusive set. Experience the familiar embrace of cola, a timeless favourite that captures the essence of soda perfection. And finally, savour the zesty combination of lemon and lime, a citrusy twist that adds a refreshing tang to your icy indulgence, exclusively found in this remarkable set. With the Slush Puppie Syrup Set, you have the power to mix and match, creating a multitude of flavour combinations that will surprise and delight your taste buds. Prepare for a flavour-filled adventure that will transport you to a world of frozen delight.




Straw Cup

Sip your way to icy bliss with the Slush Puppie Straw Cup. This convenient and reusable cup lets you enjoy your favorite slushy treats on the go. Simply fill it with your preferred Slush Puppie syrup, add ice, and insert the included straw. Every sip will transport you to a world of refreshing coolness, making it the perfect companion for summer adventures.

Slushie Freeze Pop and Syrup Set (Blue Raspberry)

Experience the ultimate frozen treat with the Slush Puppie Freeze Pop and Syrup Set in tantalizing Blue Raspberry flavor. This delightful kit includes freeze-pop molds and a bottle of delicious blue raspberry syrup. Just fill the molds with the syrup, freeze, and voila! You'll have homemade slushie pops that burst with the classic tangy and refreshing taste of blue raspberry. Indulge in icy goodness anytime, anywhere.

Slushie Making Cup & Syrup (Red Cherry)

Create your own slushie magic with the Slush Puppie Making Cup & Syrup set, featuring the timeless favorite, Red Cherry. This kit includes a specially designed cup and a bottle of delectable red cherry syrup. Simply add your favorite beverage, and some ice, pour in the syrup, and stir. In no time, you'll have a frosty masterpiece that embodies the irresistible blend of sweet and tart cherry flavors. Get ready to savor the classic taste of slushie perfection.

Slushie Making Cup & Syrup (Blue Raspberry)

Unleash the refreshing power of blue raspberry with the Slush Puppie Making Cup & Syrup set. This kit includes a specially designed cup and a bottle of mouthwatering blue raspberry syrup. Just fill the cup with your preferred beverage, add ice, pour in the syrup, and give it a stir. The result? A frosty, blue-hued slushie that captivates your taste buds with its tangy and fruity goodness. Prepare for a delightful journey of icy indulgence

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