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iMusic Hat with built in speakers

Kitsound Hat with built in speakers


€ 14.99

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With the trend for wearable tech growing rapidly, this Hat is a great idea and fits well into the product mix. Combining a stylish black hat with built-in headphones it will keep anyone warm and entertained on cold days or any time of the year they'd like to wear it.

The hat connects to the headphone 3.5mm jack of a media player via the included audio cable and then the music of choice can then be navigated and enjoyed as normal.

The hat will look fabulous on anyone and just some of the benefits of the hat’s built-in headphones include – improved comfort from no longer needing to wear separate headphones under a hat, and cost savings from buying a hat and headphones separately.

One size fits all. No batteries required.

Compatible with any kind of music player with a standard jack.

Suitable for ages 12 years upwards.