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KK-9 Portable Radio

KK-9 Portable Radio

The KK-9 portable handheld radio is perfect for use on the go. Includes headphone jack so you can listen to your favourite radio stations in comfort. If your looking for a portable radio then the KK-9 is just for you.

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€ 20.00

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  • Radio FM / AM / SW 1-7 with nine frequency bands and TV audio receiver will not miss it for the world your favorite program
  • Portable, compact, durable design Light With 3.5mm jack for headphones (not included) With loading input via DC network (adapter not included)
  • Power supply: 2x AA batteries (not included) frequency Range: ~ 530 MW 1600khZ; FM (TV1-5CH) 76-108MHz; SW1 5.95 ~ 6.20MHz; SW2 7.10 ~ 7.30MHz; SW3 9:50 ~ 9.90MHz; SW4 11.65 ~ 12.05MHz; SW5 13.60 ~ 13.80MHz; SW6 15:10 ~ 15.60MHz; SW7 17:50 ~ 17.90MHz
  • Sensitivity: MW less than or equal to 3 mV / m; FM less than or equal to 30miV; SW greater than or equal to 60miV speaking Alto: 57mm. / 8 Ohm / 0.5W Dimensions: 130 x 78 x 29 mm. Weight: 8.150g. Color: Silver (also available in black)