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Hover Board

Jetson U1 Hoverboard

Available in Black , Red and Blue

1 year warrenty

CE approved with Samsung batteries

High quality boards, high safety standards attatched

Jetson U1

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€ 300.00 -€ 80.00 € 380.00
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Gadget Man Ireland Jetson U1 Hoverboard - The Most Reliable and Safest Board In Ireland

Introducing the most sought after Gift this Christmas the Hoverboard. Also nicknamed the Self Balancing Scooter and the Segway.

At Gadget Man Ireland we have a number of Self Balancing boards ready to ship out nationwide across Ireland right in time for Christmas 2017. One of our most popular Hoverboard of 2017 was the Jetson u1. The Jetson U1 promises to delight users of all ages. The Jetson U1 has been designed and Manufactured with precision making it compact with a glowing sleek design. The Jetson U1 Hoverboard comes in 3 amazing colours, Red, Blue and Black, all fitted with stylish blue LED lights at its front. Fitted with high quality, reliable Samsung batteries this board has an incredibly quick charge time of only 2 hours. This two hour charge will get you a distance of 12 km. The Jetson U1 has the capabilities to reach a max speed of 12 km with its fitted 6.5 inch wheels which are sure to get you from A to B in both style and comfort.

All of our boards are fitter with high quality mechanical drivers which allow the board to wiz in any direction that you wish to take it. The board simply responds to your adjustments where pressure is applied to the foot pad in the direction that you wish the board to travel. To go forward simply apply pressure to both feet to the tip of your foot. To go right or left simply apply pressure to just the right leg or left leg. The Jetson range is built with you in mind which makes the end user experience quick and easy to grasp. The jetson Hoverboard range can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Why choose Hoverboards from Gadget Man Ireland?

At Gadget Man Ireland we offer an amazing 1 year warranty on all of Hoverboards. We are a local Irish Company with all of our stock located in Ireland which means that your products will be shipped and will arrive to you as soon as possible. We operate Online and Instore from Gadget Man, 23 John Roberts Sq, Waterford. We have a dedicated repair centre and have access to spare parts.

All of our Hoverboards have gone through European Standard testing which means that we supply only the safest boards to the Irish market. All of our boards are given the European safety CE mark of approval which makes these both safe and reliable for each user.

All of our boards come with fitted Samsung batteries which set them as high quality and powerful boards. Fitted with Irish standard plugs simply plug in and charge for 2 hours and you are ready to roll …. Literally ! There is an LED display on all Plugs to show you when your board is fully charged and when it is still charging.

All of our Jetson Hoverboard ranges can be used with the Jetson Jetkart. This accessory is a simple add on to the Hoverboard which has the ability to transform your Hoverboard into an amazing Jet Kart.

Important information: Safety equipment such as a helmet and pads are recommended when using Hoverboards, Self balancing boards and Segway’s. Recommended age 13 plus.

Simple, Powerful, Perfect for all.

The Jetson U1 is our most basic model. Built with 500w of power and a
24v battery, it’s perfect for everyone. It’s low cost makes it affordable for
those who aren’t looking for the extra bells and whistles like an APP or
Bluetooth Speakers, or LED lights.Covered and certified to be the safest
hoverboards on the market.


MOTOR TYPE: 6.5” Brushless
CHARGER: UL listed 110V - 240V
CLIMBING ANGLE: 15 degrees
PRODUCT DIMS: 22.75” X 7.5” X 9”
LIGHTS: Available for extra cost