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Groov-e GVTT01BK Vintage Vinyl Record Player with Built-in Speakers - Black

Groov-e GVTT01BK Vintage Vinyl Record Player with Built-in Speakers - Black

  • Play All Sizes of Viny
  • 33/45 RPM Speed
  • Auto Stop
  • Built-in Speaker
  • Speaker Power: 1W x 2
  • RCA Line Out Sockets
  • 3.5mm Headphone Socket

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€ 65.00

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The Vintage Turntable gives anyone the perfect excuse to pull out the old Wham! records. Quite literally looking like something out of Marty McFly’s bedroom, the Vintage Turntable plays vinyl of all sizes and features an all-in-one built-in speaker and rotary volume control.

The Vintage Turntable is the ideal choice for any trend conscious music lover and is the perfect gift for anyone into vinyl revival.

It is no secret that turntables and vinyls are making a comeback. I may own a classic 1970s Goodmans that I inherited, but I am not the only one with a massive vinyl collection at home. In fact, the last few years has seen a massive vinyl revival. Records have always been a lot more expensive than other media, and somehow that means that they end up being a lot more precious. Accordingly, turntables have also been a bit more expensive. However, Groov-E is about to change all that, by offering the Vintage Turntable for only £40!

Designed to look like something from the 80s, this device is ready to let you get in the groove with all your vinyl!


  • Play All Sizes Of Vinyl
  • 33/45 RPM Speed
  • Auto Stop
  • Built-in Speakers
  • Speaker Power: 1W x 2
  • RCA Line Out Socket
  • 3.5mm Headphone Socket

Look and Feel

The design is heavily inspired from the 80s, with its bold black and silver looks. Both sides feature speakers, while the front has silver knobs for volume and bass, as well as an on/off button and a headphone socket. The back features an RCA Line Out socket as well as the mains cable.

The top of the unit has a plastic cover that can be lifted to put the record in or out. It has slots on the side to cater for full sized records.

groov-e vintage turntable

Lift the lid and you see the turntable which takes records of all sizes. The needle arm has a little tab holding it in place. Slide the tab open, and you can lift and place the needle on the record. The needle also comes with a small protective cover to keep it safe.

Behind the arm is a small attachment that can be used for smaller records.

Along the needle arm is an adjustment tab for 33 or 45 RPM. There is also a control for AUTO STOP next to it.

The design is simple and basic, with functionality over glamour being the main focus.


No major setup is needed apart from removing all the packaging and plugging it in.


To play a record, just place it on the turntable, turn it on, and place the needle on it. Make sure you have selected the right speed. From there on, the music should flow. The usage is remarkably simple.

Auto Stop

The turntable also boasts an auto stop feature, which means that when you get to the end of the record, it will automatically stop. This prevents the turntable from spinning when done and prevents your needle from wearing out or damaging the record. It does mean that if the arm is resting in its slot, the turntable will not rotate till you left it. All in all, quite a handy feature.

Sound Quality

And so, how does it sound? The beauty of vinyl is that it seems to carry with it a bit of a heavy sound, a bit of a roughness. This comes from the etched grooves of the records, and in a way, the turntable produces them rather well. The sound is loud and clear enough for both new and old records, and the needle behaves well. The bass knob means that you can add a bit more breathiness (or a bit more drums, depending on what you’re listening to) to your sound too. It won’t blow you away, but that is not really what this system is about.