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iPhone 4/4s Marine Case

iPhone 4/4s Marine Case

  • 100% Water proof up to 10 meters
  • Dirt-repellant und scratch resistant
  • Touch screen and telefon features remain unaffected
  • 0.25mm?thick and ultra-light
  • Resistant to dust, sand, mud, ice, snow and water

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€ 29.99

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The Case Marine is the perfect companion for sporty and active people, that are not afraid of dust, water or snow. From now on you do not have to do anything without your iPhone.


Whether you are on vacation or just day-to-day living, you can take your iPhone 4 & 4S with you to the beach, the slopes or to do sports.
No matter if it is dust, sand mud, ice, snow, or water, with Case Marine, your smart phone is completely protected while at the same time keeping all the features. This is possible through a special polyurethane cover that does not affect the performance of the display and at 0.25mm it is supper thin as well as ultra light. An extra soft coating on the back offers double protection and makes it easy to place it into Case Marine. Finally, Case Marine is set in a high quality bumper that protects your iPhone from shock. Only your charging cable and headphones are not able to be used so that all ports can be closed off for water-tightness.

There are ten adhesive seals delivered with the case to make it 100% waterproof up to 10 meters. Please make sure to read the instructions and product guarantee delivered with Case Marine.


1. Water proof up to 10 meters (JIS IPX8 Standard)
2. Dust proof and scratch resistant and protects from shock by a bumper
3. Ultra-light & only 0.25mm thick
4. Manufacturer’s guarantee after registration
5. Touch screen functions remain unaffected
6. Fits the iPhone 4 & 4S 100%


Color: black or transparent
Material: Polyurethane

Delivery contents:

1x Case Marine
10x Adhesive seals (also separately available)
1x Bumper
Instructions manual