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Bluetooth Earphones

Bluetooth Earphones

Flexible Bluetooth Headset for Jogging and Sports

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€ 20.00

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Flexible water resistant Bluetooth headset for sports or leisure. Who says Bluetooth headsets aren't comfortable? This unique Bluetooth headset not only looks great, but it's so comfortable you'll forget you're wearing it! Whether you're at the office or working out, this headset will always deliver the comfort, style and performance you need.

Some people need to be in contact 24/7, or just can't go with out their music, but most Bluetooth headsets and handsfree kits are built for the office, commute or car and become impractical in the gym, on the sports field or in the 'great outdoors'. This great product sports a flexible design and water resistance making it perfect for jogging or playing sports. A simple pairing with your phone or MP3/MP4 player (by Bluetooth dongle - not included) is all that's needed to enjoy awesome tunes wherever you are. The headset will also easily pair to a Bluetooth capable laptop/notebook computer and has Skype compatibility.

Another great everyday product that's sure to be a hot seller. Order your personal sample now, and then order in bulk for big discounts that will allow you the fat re-sale margins you deserve.

Main Features...

  • Bluetooth flexible headset for sports and leisure.
  • Comfortable design with in ear buds for the perfect personal fit.
  • Ideal for jogging, sports, or on-the-go

Manufacturer Specification

  • Main Function: Bluetooth flexible headset for use with mobile phones or computers