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Muntons Brewery in a Bag (B.I.B)

Muntons Brewery in a Bag (B.I.B)

  • Beer Kit Yield: 25 pints
  • Total Time to Make: 30 days
  • Included: Brewing Bag, Caps, Hopped Malt Extract (in brewing bag), Dried Yeast Packet

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€ 30.00

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Gadget Man Ireland
Muntons Brewery in a Bag (B.I.B)

At Gadget Man Ireland we have a wide range of Novelty Gifts in store and online. Muntons Brewery in a Bag (B.I.B) makes brewing your own craft beer easier than ever before.

Simply add water and yeast to the bag and in about 4 weeks time you will have 25 pints of quality craft beer on tap.

The carbonation will not be equal to bottle conditioned beer but more akin to draught beer.

The perfect gift for someone who wants to brew their own beer but isn't ready to purchase the equipment and/or doesn't have the space. The brewery in a bag is all you need and takes up very little space at all.

There are 4 classic beer styles available; Golden Ale, Dark Ale, Pale Ale and a Session IPA.