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Urban Glide E-Scooter 80XL

Urban Glide E-Scooter 80XL

  • Max speed : 25Km/h 
  • Battery life: 30Km max
  • Max weight : 120KG
  • Scooter Weight : Approx 11KG
  • Adult E-Scooter
  • Digital Dial to show Speed, Distance, Battery Life and more.

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€ 390.00

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Gadget Man Ireland

Urban Glide E-Scooter 80XL

At Gadget Man Ireland, we are in love with the Urban Glide range. Check out this brand new Urban Glide E-Scooter. The 80XL E-Scooter is for adults who have to travel to work, to get the groceries, anywhere really but would like to save that petrol or for anyone that is into Big Gadgets like us at Gadget Man. This is the new electric phenomenon...

It has 8-inch wheels, being able to carry a load of up to 120 kg at a maximum speed of 25 km / h. It is charged in just 3 hours and can travel up to 30KM. The aluminum frame makes it durable, robust but also lightweight. It is easily folded and transported everywhere. What are you waiting for ... grab this E-Scooter now, it's economical, it's fun, but most importantly, it lets you travel anywhere you desire in stylish, fun manner !!

Get yours now in store or online. We also offer fast delivery nationwide.

UrbanGlide Ride 80 XL

Behind this complicated name lies an electric scooter very easy to use, with a very good price / quality ratio. Its main quality: it is super convenient because less heavy and cumbersome than its competitors, for similar performance. Another advantage of weight: this electric scooter has a two-year warranty ! This is very rare for this type of product and the French brand makes you benefit from assistance in France. This greatly reduces the time for sending and returning a room or scooter. Rest assured, however, in addition to having a guarantee the UbanGlide Ride 80XL scooter has a European certification , a guarantee of quality and know-how.

Which Motor for the Urban Glide 80XL

Performance side, the UbanGlide has nothing to envy to its competitors, a 250 W motor in nominal power, an acceleration up to 25km / h . For now the same performance as the Xiaomi M365 . It has 3 speeds that take respectively 12, 15 and 25 km / h maximum. Note that it is very simple to electrically unclamp to reach a speed of 30 to 32km. A simple manipulation of the buttons on the dashboard allows it. My advice, do a YouTube search and watch a tutorial.

What is the battery of the Ride 80 XL worth?

The battery of the scooter is lithium and is 36 V and 6600 mh . It promises a range of 23 to 30 km depending on use and recharges in 3 hours. The scooter can withstand slopes of 18 ° and a maximum load of 120 kg .

If the battery has a range that varies as much, it is that the way of driving and the weight of the driver have a great influence on the duration of use. Thus, the less you climb, the longer the battery will hold. The more you accelerate and the more weight you put on the scooter, the less battery will take you far. Our tips to get the most out of the scooter , help her on the climbs by pushing with your foot .

What we really like about this scooter

  The dashboard

electric scooter urban glide ride 80 XL dashboard Backlit and in color, this is the most that encourages us to add twenty euros to get this ride 80 XL scooter . All information is immediately available => distance traveled , accurate battery gauge, speed , rotation per minute. Having a built-in dashboard natively makes driving fun . No need to add a smartphone on the handlebars, which can be dangerous because of the many vibrations due to the state of the road.

Its practical side

The French manufacturer has chosen aluminum for its scooter . Its low weight and small size makes us transport it more easily than its competitors. The fact that its handles are foldable greatly improves the transport of the UrbanGlide . Approximately 11.5 kg for dimensions of 116 x 40 x 94 cm unfolded and 33 x 15.5 x 94 cm folded.