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Left Handed Changing Mug

Left Handed Changing Mug

  • Left Handed Mug 
  • Changes with Heat 
  • Black with white inside 

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€ 10.00

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Gadget Man Ireland

Left Hand Changing Mug

At Gadget Man Ireland, we stock a wide range of fun Novelty items such as this Left Handed Changing Mug. This mug is amazing as you can watch it change when the heat hits it. Get your Lefty mug now in store or online. 

A mug designed to praise left handed users with a design that changes when a hot drink is added. The front of this black mug has the words "Left Handed Mug" stamped on the front. If a right hander drinker attempts to use the mug, a message on the rim will be visible to them and read "It's Just Not Right!" But what's more, add a hot drink and left hand appropriate quotes and messages will appear all over the mug.