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T-Slide Kart Drifter

T-Slide Kart Drifter

Transform your Hoverboard into a Kart Drifter!

Fits all brands and wheel sizes 6.5", 8" and 10" hoverboards.

Two shock absorbers under the bucket seat combined with the 360 degree rotary back wheels to drift around.

Length adjustable to suit the height of a child or an adult.

Strong plastic bucket seat and footrest make it highly comfortable.

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€ 120.00

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Gadget Man Ireland

T-Slide Kart Drifter

Why get a Kart drifter?

It’s the thrill and rush of a Go-karting experience that you never have to stop (except to charge it of course). Like a snake across the ground or an Eagle in the air, movement is life. The Kart Drifter works off an instinctive compulsion for movement in all of us. Sitting low to the ground.

The T- Slide Kart Drifter is a new attachment for the Hoverboard allowing you to attach this T-slide Kart Drifter to your 6.5″ / 8″ and 10 inch Hoverboard. Revolutionising the way you use your two wheeled balance board forever! (Easily disconnected to use as normal hoverboard) Never worry about trying to keep your balance again as you’ll sit above the board with control leavers that control your every movement, you can use the  to move in all directions with speeds of up-to 12 miles per hour.