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Hama uRage Morph Gaming Mouse

Hama uRage Morph Gaming Mouse

The high precision and unique design of interchangeable covers help to plunge you into your favourite game. The gaming features let you play for hours on end if you want - with precision, at lightning speed and it fits perfectly in your hand.

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€ 40.00

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Gadget Man Ireland 

Hama uRage Morph Gaming Mouse

Whether you prefer playing zombie games such as ‘Plants vs. Zombies’ or sci-fi games such as ‘Starcraft’, you can choose the most appropriate cover to match: ‘Zombies’, ‘SciFi’, ‘Magic’, ‘Apocalypse’ or ‘Bloxx’. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in your favourite game. With the different LED lighting, the covers really come into their own and give the mouse a very individual look.

This mouse not only impresses in terms of design – it is the perfect mouse for long, individual gaming sessions.