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Radix One Black Steel Wallet

Radix One Black Steel Wallet

The Radix One Black Steel Wallet is the slimmest on the market, holding up to 10 cards and is engineered to block any unwanted RF signals.

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Gadget Man Ireland

Radix One Black Steel Wallet

Radix One Black Steel combines the natural strength, durability, and RFID-protection of heavy gauge stainless steel with the sleek minimalist design of our best-selling Radix One Slim Wallet.

Featuring a sturdy yet flexible silicone band that wraps around two steel plates to sandwich credit cards and IDs in the middle and clip money on the outside, Radix One Black Steel is engineered to hold 4-10 cards comfortably and block unwanted RF signals from passing through to ensure that your identity stays safe and protected.

Black Steel's robust construction means it's built to last and ready to take you from the rugged to the refined in style.

Show off your savvy, sophisticated side with a wallet that’s as slim and strong as it gets.