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Party Light and Sound Party-Disco2 Speaker

Party Light and Sound Party-Disco2 Speaker

PARTY LIGHT & SOUND PARTY-DISCO2 - Mini stand-alone column 20W with USB reader, micro SD, FM tuner, Bluetooth

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€ 30.00

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Gadget Man Ireland

Party Disco and Sound Bluetooth Speaker

Small 'trend' rechargeable speaker with 'Disco' design that accepts many input sources.

bullet_produit.gif USB and Micro-SD player (MP3 formats)
bullet_produit.gif FM tuner
bullet_produit.gif Bluetooth
bullet_produit.gif AUX input
bullet_produit.gif LED lighting of the loudspeaker
bullet_produit.gif Built-in Li-ion battery
bullet_produit.gif Handle on the top
bullet_produit.gif Supplied with USB charger / AUX 3.5mm


Output power 20W
Bandwidth 100Hz - 20kHz
S / N ratio > 80dB
Micro USB input 5V / 800mAh
Drums Lithium-ion battery 800mAh DC 3.7V
Weight 112 x 85 x 255mm
Dimensions 0.56kg