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Projection Clock with Weather Forecaster

Projection Clock with Weather Forecaster

  • Super Stylish Projection Alarm Clock.
  • Time is projected onto your ceiling or wall.
  • Powered by Mains power cable (included) or 2 x AAA Batteries (not included).
  • Indoor Temperature Display in either C/F.
  • Fully Functioning Alarm with Snooze Feature.
  • 12/12 Hour Time Display.
  • Weather Trend Forecaster.

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€ 20.00

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Gadget Man Ireland 

Projection Clock with Weather Forecaster

The Projection Alarm Clock from Think Gizmos has an added mains adaptor included. We feel it is the most stylish alarm clock we have found.

Having a weather station included with the projection clock makes this one clever little gadget.

The features of this projection clock are just as impressive as its looks. With a snooze alarm clock with calendar, weather predictor, barometric pressure graphs, weather trend indicator and indoor temperate display the features are huge.

The clock projects the time in a soft red colour on you ceiling or walls and is ideal for use as a cool projection alarm clock at home or a cool gadget to tell the time at work.